Fibes Oh Fibes!

Swedish Band “Fibes oh Fibes” is becoming one of the most successful rock band in Sweden ,currently they released a new video “One Hour Baby” which they had amazing reviews from well known music experts.

Christian Olsson is a lead singer in the band and he is also a friend of mine and project manager in HyperIsland. He gave me the Fibes oh Fibes CD to listen and trust me once you hear their songs you will like to hear them more, I just decided to be their official fan from now, keep on reading..

Fibes oh Fibes Biography (Source from their website)

Fibes, Oh Fibes! is a six piece band from Göteborg on the West coast of Sweden. Fibes, Oh Fibes! was founded in 2001 and released the EP “Fibes, Oh Fibes!” before their debut album “Still Fresh” was put out in May 2004.

The band has already been celebrated as one of Sweden’s most interesting newcomers. Their single “This City’s Got No Boulevards” has received frequent play on Swedish radio, the video has been shown on the Swedish TV-channel ZTV and the album has gotten great reviews – 4/5 or 5/5 from many of Sweden’s leading music journalists.

How does the music sound then? Some would describe it as mature rock or pop on speed, but words never did Fibes, Oh Fibes! any good – the best thing is, of course, to hear it for yourself. You will be amazed! The members of the band are: Christian Olsson – Vocals and piano wizard, Mathias Nilson – Guitar, Edvin Edvinson – Bass, Andreas Jensen – Drums, Erik Dahl – Trombone and Andres Boson – Trumpet.

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