D-Telekom Unveils Macedonia Investment

Deutsche Telecom’s landline operator T-Home and mobile operator T-Mobile plan to invest about €160 million in Macedonia over the next three years, the companies said Thursday.

Both operators plan to invest €80 million each in improving the networks and introducing novelties that when complete will create new jobs in the country, said Nikolai Beckers, CEO of Macedonia Telecom, which is owned by the Germans.

Planed investments include fiber optic cable installation projects, network upgrades, creation of auxiliary networks, updates and investment in equipment, Beckers said, noting that work on some projects had already begun.

The company said there that numbers of landline telephony users are expected to decline in Macedonia, as it happens around the world. He noted that the company puts a lot of effort into improving its internet and IP TV offer where demand is rising.

T-Home and T mobile are the leading telecommunications firms on the Macedonian market. [Source: Balkan Insight]

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