LIFT Conference 2009

Where has the future gone? This is what Lift09 explored during three sunny days on February 2009 in Geneva. Many things have changed in the past decades, even if we don’t ride flying cars nor have smart fridges ordering our carrots. Ask yourself this: are you sure you want your neighbor – the one who tends to make a long stop at the pub after work – to drive a vehicle with wings? We’re not sure either.

We all have different futures, and in William Gibson’s famous words, “future is not evenly distributed”. It is up to us to built it, and we certainly had with us some of the people who have a shot at influencing it with brilliant ideas. See the Lift09 talks and for more check the blogs, Flickr and Twitter.

During days of conference Sandbox (, a global network for extraordinary young talents together with LIFT Conference organised a dinner with the same topic bringing together extraordinary young achievers under age of 30 to network, exchange ideas and talk about some questions related to this years’ conference topic, Where did the future go?”.

LIFT Conference is the highest reccomended conference in Europe, this year was amazing to see Vint Cerf, Google Evangelist talking about Interplanetary Internet (see video below)

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