Fast Europe Ventures bring mobile payment for Kosovo and region

Its a fact that in the world there are 4 billion mobile phone users, but only 2 billion bank accounts holders. This is not just an information but a reason for an alternative payment service using mobile launched today by the company Fast Europe Ventures in collaboration with portal This service in essence turns your phone into a mini-credit card, and allows you to pay from the mobile, using credit that you have in your mobile phone.

Telegrafi portal has launched a service “Advertising” where the consumer can put an advertisement which can be seen by over 80.000 visitors and potential customers per day. The entire process of putting an ad is extremely simple, cheap and quick.

Currently all mobile operator subscribers can use this service, except Vala Mobile customers, who will soon be part of it. Since the beginning of this year, the company Fast Europe Ventures has been engaged with local operators and partners in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia to bring the m-payment (m-commerce) service in the region connecting all three countries into single payment gateway.

“Based on the fact that in Europe the average spending per person for m-payments is around 30-50 Euros, in this region with an estimation of 10 Euros spending per person over a year, it is expected to reach a turnover of 15-20 million Euros a year in next 10 years”, said Kushtrim Xhakli, Chief Executive Officer of Fast Europe Ventures.

M-payment model is most suitable model for monetizing media such as TV, radio and web. Telegrafi portal is the most popular site across Albanian speaking countries and the first partner implementing m-payment.

Managing Director of Telegrafi portal Gani Lajqi said: “We are now entering a new competitive field in global market providing quick information, services and access. In recent years Telegrafi has proved to be the most innovative portal in Albanian market with 80% market share. Our partnership with Fast Europe Ventures proved to be fruitful and it will be enhanced in future. ”

The link where you can put your announcement and pay with mobile phone is at:, or “Shpallje” button in every Telegrafi portal page.

Fast Europe Ventures covers 2.8 million mobile subscribers in Western Balkan region.

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