Fast Europe Ventures represents UpCode Technology in Balkans

Fast Europe Ventures became a representative of UpCode Technology in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia after reaching the partnership agreement with UPC Consulting – Finnish company based in Vaasa, which is the developer and holder of UpCode Technology and programs. UpCode can be used everywhere and in all media. The code can be very small and still be read by an ordinary mobile. UpCode can include many functions and combine multiple interests. It is the easy and effective way to offer your customers access to services and information.

UpCode can be used for: Logistics, Education, Ticket sales, Direct marketing, Games/gambling, Personal use/privacy, Translations/travel, Packaging, Control, Marketing, (back-end), Integrated information, Intelligent systems, Money transactions.

UPC Consulting Ltd./UpCode Ltd. Gerbyntie 18 65230 Vaasa, Finland


Fast Europe Ventures Press:
Upcode, PC World Albanian, Telegrafi, Ekonomia KS, Albeu, Bota Sot

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